Thursday, 10 February 2011

Life Goes On

Hiya girlies, Alot has happened since my first post, I'll go into that later on! The reason I haven't done a post since November is because, to be honest, I had no inspiration or desire to do one! I was feeling quite lost around the whole blog thing, reading through other people's gorgeous blogs for some reason made me feel unispired to do another of my own, when in actual fact,writing all of this down probably would have helped me realise that I was getting stressed for no reason! My lack of camera also threw me, but I realised that was my own need for things to be near perfection that had clouded my judgement.  My photo's dont have to be magazine standard for people to appreciate them and that I have a perfectly good camera on my phone!  So after a good talking to myself, I decided to jot all these thoughts down and share them. I shall try my best to do regular posts in future (Im not quite sure how regular, I do have a baby daughter to raise as well!)

So these are the first photo's I've taken on my phone for my blog. I was wondering around the house tidying and noticed I have some lovely pretty things ^-^

The little birdies were a pressie from my late Nan which she'd had for nobody knows how many years, the flowers at the back are a hairband from Primark, I cant remember where I got the hairband or the rose clip from, and the inspiration card is from a set I created and have in a little pouch I made.

These little cuties are ornaments my mum bought my little angel for christmas, I'm saving them until we move to put up as her room is full of pretties,theres no space for these!

This is a sketch I did in my idea's book after I heard a song of theirs on the radio, I thought it might remind me to check out their new album.

Its my little angel's bed time now, but if I get chance I'll do another post in a while to update on the madness that has been my life the past few months!
Bye bye for now xxx

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