Friday, 5 November 2010

Did Someone Say Duck Sauce?!?

So, now I've done the hard part of actually getting round to setting up a blog, I suppose I should get using it!

I had such a wonderful day yesterday,catching up with Little Miss Ren  :)  I'd actually forgotten how much I miss her! You know when you have a friend that you can just talk to, and I mean Really talk to, and not have to worry about being judged? Well that's Ren. Shes so refreshingly smiley and giggly, I always feel like I've had a blast with her, even when we haven't really done anything! And shes a pro with a camera :)

I recently have discovered that I have a slow growing obsession with a few things, one being gorgeous mood boards. There's just something about the effort that someone puts into creating a physical thought or idea that makes me smile.Here are a few that I came across on the net that make me smile...

Quoth The Raven by

Stunning :)

I have to say such a big thank you to my lovely man. After my disasterous attempt at buying fresh lobster, he yesterday showed me how its done properly and cooked them to perfection as well. I think lobster is easily my favourite sea food!

Well, for once in my life, I finally had that moment where everything just fell into place in my head. I got organised up there! I went out and bought a cute lil writing pad and jotted down all my ideas and thoughts around them, set this blog up, started thinking seriously about what I want to do with my life. Im increadably inspired about alot of things, its great!

Anyways, my lil angel is calling me  :)  Shall remember to post soonies


  1. Teehee, I feel the same way about you too! It's weird because we hadn't seen each other for so long but it didn't feel awkward or anything.

    I'll advertise your blog on mine :-) I'll put it in a post on Tuesday (when I'm next due an update! lol)

    The first board is reaaaally pretty!

  2. I know,tis a good sign ^-^

    Cheers ma dears!feeling rather excited about this whole blog thing :)

    Thanking u ^-^ xxx

  3. awh, i really like this post <3
    j'adore the first one!

  4. The mood boards are gorgeous and I totally agree with you about lobster, yum!

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  5. Thank you Wintage and Purdey :) I wanted my first post to be pretty!hope ur week has been good x

  6. Hi! and welcome to the blogging world! :) love mood boards!! i keep meaning to make some and put them on my wall to inspire me! love these ones! x

  7. Thank you Vicki :) Im in love with them atm tehe!hope you have a good week x