Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Spring Blossom

Firstly I want to apologise for my lack of post's and comments,for once it hasn't been my laziness! For the past month or so we've had no internet, which has been a Huge inconvenience! As my Mr topped up the dongle I thought it only right to do a quick post and reply to people that have took the time to post!

The past couple of weeks have been incredibly stressful, which resulted in me having being very emotional. I'm thankfully starting to get past it all, but the stress is still there unfortunately and will only go away when we move, which will hopefully be Very soon. I find it very frustrating when life seems to throw everything stressful at you at once! Things would be a lot easier to deal with if they weren't all to happen at the same time!

Anyway, rant over! I'm not one to put my stresses out there, so I apologise for that!

Last week we decided to go for a wonder around town, which was lovely. The old architecture makes me smile and I always notice something new, like this gorgeous blossom tree.


I also had a lovely first Mother's Day one Sunday!  I had a much needed lie in, gorgeous breakfast and treated to sushi :) And some gorgeous English Daffodils, my favourite flower at this time of year!

I've got a busy week ahead. Whilst on a train in Scotland, my Mr discovered a lovely little band called Till This Night. They have a lovely sound and the lead singer, Danielle, has a gorgeous voice. I'm happy to be helping them out :)

I hope to get back into posting again, especially now my internet connection has returned!

I hope everyone has a great week  :)


  1. Sorry to hear about your stressful few weeks pet. Rant away, its good to get it out:) I'm glad your first mother's day was so lovely and your card is adorable. What are you going to do for Mr Mark for father's day? x

  2. Aw sorry to hear the past few weeks have been so stressful, everything always comes at once doesnt it? hope your doing better now thou :) x

  3. i do love pictures of flowers, they're so pretty. hope you sort all your house stuff out soon

    Bow Dream Nation xx