Sunday, 13 February 2011

Nuclear Cupcakes Anyone?

After thinking about scrummy cupcakes the other day, I finally got my baking groove on and had a bash. This is how they turned out

Suprisingly they weren't too bad for my first ever attempt at baking! My Mr found them highly amusing though (he was impressed but found the colour the icing had turned out rather shocking!) Which lead to the comment from him, " The smell lovely bab,but Im not sure I should be eating nuclear colour cupcakes in my tummy!" Ok, I must admit, the icing was disguting, but the cupcakes themselves were acutally quite tasty!

My mission for this week, if I choose to accept it, is lemon cupcakes with buttercream toppings  :)


  1. these look so delicious! I think the green icing looks cute as well! You have such a lovely blog, can't wait to see more posts! (: Xx

  2. Thank you hun :) Im glad you like it!And the look of the cupcakes,the icing looks nice,but it didn't taste quite as lovely as I hoped!Not bad for my first attempt though :) xx

  3. YUM!!!! I love green anything and that looks fab! Can't wait to see how the next ones turn out xx

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  4. I like the green icing, it's a bit different! Lemon cupcakes sound good, I'm planning on some lemon and ginger ones tomorrow :) xx