Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Purrs and Claws

Well, its been a rather slow week in the mad house! The transition between the different months either goes extremely slow, or that fast I didn't even notice! Its a very welcomed change in month though, the weather (not wanting to jinx it) has brightened up so much and so has my mood in general! I do tend to suffer from bouts of SAD, which always fades as soon as the skys are blue again :) Spring is definitely on its way, at last!

On my last post I mentioned that I have a new kitten, which I named Bandit. Well, she isn't so much mine anymore :(
I thought she was a stray as she came round everyday without fail, and I thought no one else was feeding her as she wasn't putting any weight on at all. I am a Huge lover of cats, and I hated seeing this poor little one so skinny! She didnt just come round for food either, she'd stay and play after :)
So, anyway, I told my Mr that if I saw any posters for her go up, I'd of course give her back, but until that I'd look after the little mite. Two days later I saw a little girl and her dad looking for something over the walls on the street, and knew straight away. So I gave her back, after telling them that she needs to be kept in for six weeks otherwise she would come straight back. They said thank you and tottled off, I was happy knowing that a little girl had her kitten back. Happy, that was, until later that night when I saw a little paw on the conservatory door-Bandit had returned! And has done everyday since. So although she no longer stays in the conservatory, shes my little out-door baby :) 

They do say cats pick their own home!

Here are a couple of photos of the lovely herself, and a couple of our other baby Rascal :)

The top two photos is Bandit and the bottom two is Rascal :)

I hope everyone's week is going well 


  1. Ah so adorable!

    We had a little stray like this last year, except ours moved in and has stayed ever since! haha

    He literally did, moved into the garage and hid whenever we tried to kick him out! And if he spotted a window or door open, he'd be straight in! He was far too little to be out on his own and so skinny with no collar or microchip, and gobbled his food down like he'd never been fed so we figured he must be a stray. At first he was so affectionate but now he's got his "paws" firmly under the table he's not so lovable haha.

    I'm big on cats ;) lol

    Thanks for putting my blog in your "blog I like" links over there Carla! ----> really appreciate it :D

    Hope you're well!

    Dayner @ Mozzypop

  2. I love cats too! Thats so cute. I also get bad bouts of SAD during these dreary months, so I have been waiting for spring since January.

    That’s So Fletch

    xo, Jay

  3. Bandit and Rascal look like twins, haha :)